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InstaFire Charcoal Starter Overview

InstaFire Charcoal Starter

Overview: InstaFire Charcoal Starter is a great way to get a charcoal grill rolling, fast. Each pouch, weighing 2.2oz, is capable of lighting up to 75 charcoal briquettes. It also has a long burn time, 10-15 minutes, which is great ...

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UCO Titan Stormproof Matches Overview

Overview: Many of you are familiar with the original stormproof match, which burns approximately fifteen seconds, is waterproof, submersible and wind proof. With the success that UCO had with this match, in 2015 they are going to introduce the UCO ...

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How To Start A Fire With A Pencil Sharpener

Who knew that a pencil sharpener would be so handy in the woods? We all know, when you’re starting a fire – tinder is key. Great tinder burns easily, and if you’re lucky, is easy to source. Carrying a pencil sharpener ...

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