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Coghlan’s Solar Dynamo Power Pack

Coghlan's Solar Dynamo Power Pack

Overview: Coghlan’s recently came out with a brand new Solar Dynamo Power Pack. This is a 6000 milliamp power pack for charging your cell phone, tablet, or anything that will plug into a USB port. There are three ways to ...

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Brunton Solaris Explorer Solar Series Overview

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Aervoe Sierra Wave 5 Watt Collector Overview

Overview Aervoe Industries, Inc. has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and other products for industrial use for more than 40 years. Now, the company is branching out into with new outdoor products. What ...

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StrongVolt Solar 7 Overview

strongvolt solar 7

Overview StrongVolt has noticed the necessity of staying charged up while enjoying an outdoor active lifestyle. For years, dwindling battery life in devices while away from power outlets was a common situation. With StrongVolt’s products, outdoorsman are able to stay ...

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The 5 Best Solar Chargers For Camping

best solar chargers for camping

Like others, we go camping to get away from the city and the busy lifestyle. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we want a break from technology. We still want our phones for emergency situations, a Kindle to read or a ...

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Batteries Low? Use the Sun, Grab the Solio Solar Charger

solar charger for camping

Batteries low? Use the sun; and the Solio Solar Charger plus battery pack. Some people go out to the woods to disconnect but for most of the world even while camping it is nice to have your electronic devices. The ...

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