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3 Ways To Lace Boots To Relieve Foot Pain On The Trail

Yes, you can lace boots to relieve foot pain. When you prepare to go hiking, your first thoughts should be to prevent blisters and injuries to your feet. Selecting proper hiking socks is one of the most important ways to ...

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Making A Case For Merino Wool In The Summer

On a warm summer day, your first thought probably isn’t to grab any wool at all. On the contrary! Merino wool is just as useful in the summer as it is in the winter. First off, merino wool is naturally ...

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7 Tips To Maintain Happy Hiking Feet

Your feet are likely going to be your major method of travel while camping, whether you’re all-out backpacking or just making a family day hike, which is exactly why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you maintain happy ...

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Adventure Snow Sock Collection

Farm to Feet Adventure Snow Sock Collection

The Farm to Feet Adventure Snow Sock Collection consists of several weights of socks starting with the ultra light Jackson. This is completely nylon using friction free nylon yarns to allow for nice tight fitting close for those who like a ...

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Wigwam Mills Retro Classic Sock Collection Overview

Overview: Wigwam Mills has a huge line of great products. Featured here are is the Wigwam Mills Classic Retro Sock Collection. We are going to touch on a few different styles they have within this line. First of all, we’re ...

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