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COAST Polysteel 400 Flashlight Review

COAST Polysteel 600 Flashlight

The COAST Polysteel 400 flashlight exemplifies a flashlight for the person who needs rugged gear. This flashlight was made for extreme durability, all fitting in a ridiculously lightweight casing – you’ll barely know it’s in your hand. Not only is ...

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UCO Tetra Lantern Review

UCO Tetra Lantern

The UCO Tetra Lantern gives you options. It can be a flashlight, lantern or a device to charge your USB equipment. The tiny UCO Tetra packs a punch but is so lightweight you’ll barely know you have it. This handy ...

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Olympia Z500 Flashlight Review

olympia z500 flashlight

You have undoubtedly owned a lot of flashlights in your time. If you are like me, they usually don’t meet expectations or I end up misplacing them during my travels. If there is one flashlight that you don’t want to ...

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