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100-Year Anniversary of L.L. Bean Flagship Store

It sounds preposterous, but it’s true. The L.L. Bean flagship retail store in Freeport, Maine opened for business 100 years ago on August 18, 1917. That’s interesting, worth note and even celebration, but it does not even come close to ...

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Don’t Let Adventure Go By the Wayside

Somewhere between Natchez, Mississippi and Lake Chicot in Louisiana it hit me. Road tripping has changed. Sure, it’s common to jump in your car with the family and head out for a weekend. Sometimes it’s as simple as hopping a ...

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Roadside Challenge : Nashville To New Orleans

Nick tastes pickled quail eggs during the road trip food challenge during the Field Trip: Great River Road.

There are the classic regional foods we set out to try on any 50 Campfires Field Trip. Those are the ones for which we’ve delivered these recipes so you can try them and enjoy them. Then there are the foods ...

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New Adventures

Itasca Crew

The large family meals. The extended family time. The holiday traditions. The fun. Everything we look forward to about the holiday season is behind us and now we’re feeling the excitement and rush of the weather breaking. We call this ...

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The Road to Bozeman: The End

From Pittsburgh all the way to Bozeman, Montana, they guys did it. They set out on the Road to Bozeman, an adventure of a life time, and they accomplished all that and more. We could’t be more happy for these ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Days 5-7

So far we have covered the Pittsburgh boys’ whole journey all they way to Montana and now that they finally made it to their final destination of the Road to Bozeman, they get to relax and have some fun with ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 4.5

Our last video of The Road to Bozeman series ended with the guys on their way to Old Faithful. During this video, we see see their experience at the old geyser. All the boys seemed to have an interest in ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 1

We left off in our last post with the group ready to head out on their journey to Chicago. As day 0 turned into day 1, it was smooth sailing on their road to Bozeman with the exception of a ...

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The Road to Bozeman: Day 0

This is the time of year when college students take a deep breath and relax from all of their school work. With classes behind them and summer ahead, a group of 7 ambitious college students from Pittsburgh will spend their ...

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