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Basics of Catching Catfish

catfish just caught lying on the rocks next to a spinning reel and rod

The iconic image of fishing for catfish is Huckleberry Finn in repose beneath a willow tree along the mighty Mississippi. His straw hat is pulled down over his eyes. One buckle on his bib overalls is undone in case the ...

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Take Me Fishing! Getting Started in Fly Fishing

fly fishing

When fly fishing is mentioned, you probably have an image in your head of someone in waders standing in a glacier runoff mountain stream and tons of gear hanging from them, so much so that it might feel intimidating to ...

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6 Tips For Successful River Fishing


There’s nothing quite like camping near water. I love going to bed listening to gentle waves lap the nearby shoreline or hearing current sliding by. It’s even better when these waters hold fish, especially when camping with kids. My favorite ...

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