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HitchFire Grill : Review

hitchfire grill

Grills are one of those products where you don’t see that much innovation, because what really needs to be improved? You need a cooking grate, and a way to sufficiently heat it, which isn’t very complex. But, what if someone ...

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GoSun Sport Review

GoSun Sport

A couple of things come to mind when you think of outdoor cooking. The first of which is probably fire. Whether it’s a portable grill or over an open campfire for a long time, a long, long time, we’ve been ...

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Burnie Self Burning Grill Overview

Burnie Self Burning Grill

Overview: Here’s the new Burnie Self Burning Grill and this is a great alternative to charcoal grilling and lugging wood in a forest. Burnie hand selects Alderwood trees that are cut in 5” sections, filled with Alderwood charcoal, far lighter, ...

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Elevate Grill Review

I’ve been hauling around an old fashioned camping stove for as long as I’ve been camping on my own. It’s traveled to its share of music festivals, family reunion campouts, and our annual 4th of July pilgrimage for as long ...

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Grilling With The Sun

GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

If someone were to tell you they could prepare a delicious meal using only the power of the sun in 20 minutes, would you believe them? Before GoSun, the answer would most likely be no. Now, the answer is yes! ...

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Zippo Outdoor All-Terrain Grill Overview

zippo outdoor all-terrain grill

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UCO’s Grilliput Quattro Overview

grilliput quattro

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