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Camillus EDC3 Review

Camillus has built durable knives for over 130 years and one of their latest has caught our attention! The Camillus EDC3 pocket knife is lightweight and compact but still packs a punch – exactly what we need for camping, hiking, ...

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How To Care for a Pocketknife

When it comes to knives, nearly all we ever hear about are new ways to sharpen them. You know what? However, you decide to go about putting a shaving sharp edge on your everyday carry pocketknife is a good one. ...

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Gerber Greenhorn Knife Overview

Gerber Greenhorn

Overview The Gerber Greenhorn tool is a great starter pocketknife that is emphasizes safety. There’s not many like it. In this small package, it includes several features that a full-sized pocketknife would be equipped with. This knife’s safety precautions make ...

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