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Braven BRV Pro Overview

Overview: This awesome bluetooth speaker is the Braven BRV Pro. It’s the first Pro Series speaker from Braven. It’s in the same family as their BRV 1 and BRV-X speakers. It’s IPX 7 waterproof, it’s super rugged and very durable. ...

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Sweet Sounds of the Night

Music is the glue that holds our camping trips together. Whether we are sitting around the fire, playing games or having a cold drink, having our favorite playlist rocking provides the context to which everything else happens. In our opinion, ...

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Fugoo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Overview

fugoo wireless bluetooth speaker

Overview: Drawing upon the past 30 years of industry experience, Fugoo has designed superior products for some of the biggest companies in the world. Throughout this process the Fugoo mission has been enduring and simple – to bridge the gap between ...

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