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Don’t Be A Campground Jerk – Leave No Trace

I was recently leaving a campsite in Kentucky when I spotted something troubling: a steady stream of smoke rising up in the forest. We pulled over immediately and found that the campers from the night before had tossed a burning ...

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Burnie Self-burning Grill Review

Burnie All Wood Self-Burning Grill

Here at 50 Campfires we think the campfire is what really makes the camping experience complete. But sometimes you get to your destination and cannot find wood, or you don’t want to haul a huge grill or propane stove to ...

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No Trace Camping Tips

What is your favorite part about being in nature? For some people, images of a snowy mountain pass or a grandiose adventure into the wild come to mind. For others, simply listening to a freshwater creek slowly trickle through their ...

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