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Lorpen Trail Running Socks Overview

lorpen trail running socks

Overview Lorpen’s new trail running sock features a blend of natural and synthetic yarns including Tencel, Coolmax and Nylon. These new socks boast enhanced ventilation on the top and side of the sock to maintain a dry, blister-free foot during ...

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Lorpen Light Hiker Socks Will Keep You Cool

lorpen light hiker socks

If you’ve ever been hiking in the middle of the summer you know that everything on you gets hot, especially your feet. Being stuck in shoes and socks can make your feet sweat and cause your whole body to warm ...

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50 Campfires 2013 Gear Of The Year – Wear

Clothing, shoes and accessories are very important to your overall camping experience. Take it from Jessica Simpson, camping with high heels isn’t very much fun. The editors here at 50 Campfires also know a thing or two about being stuck ...

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