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LokSak OpSak Storage Bag Review

LokSak OpSak Storage Bag Review Some bags are meant to keep dirt and water out. Some bags are meant for carrying a lot of stuff. This bag by LokSak does all that as well as keeping odors trapped inside. Sound odd? ...

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aLokSak Waterproof Bag Review


aLokSak Waterproof Bag Review Whether on the beach, walking in the rain, or accidentally dropping your phone in the toilet (probably not that last one), aLokSak Waterproof Bag is a great tool to keeping your most valuable items dry and ...

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Keep Your Electronics Dry With aLokSak Bags

aLokSak bags

The days of going camping with out any electronics and being completely shut off from the world are pretty much over. But by bringing our electronics we put them at risk of being ruined by mother nature. That is where ...

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Keep Electronics Dry While Camping With A Loksak Waterproof Bag

keep electronics dry while camping

The days of going camping with no phone and no way to contact the outside world are pretty much over. We all tend to bring some sort of technology to our campsites these days. Whether it’s our phones, tablets, or ...

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