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COLDPRUF Classic Merino Wool Base Layer

Overview:This is the COLDPRUF Classic Merino Wool Base Layer. This is for men and it’s 100% Merino wool, it’s a silk weight Merino wool and I think it’s about a 5 ounce weight. Keeping in COLDPRUF’s tradition all the technical ...

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COLDPRUF Honeycomb Fleece Base Layer

Overview:This is the COLDPRUF Honeycomb Fleece Base Layer, for women, and it features an 85% performance polyester fleece and 15% spandex so it’s got some stretch to it. The overall construction is COLDPRUF’s figure fit design construction and it has ...

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Layering Camping Clothes

Wool Hiking Socks

There are some outdoor skills us old-timers rely on so much, we take it for granted everyone knows them. That’s our mistake. Layering camping clothes for warmth, comfort, and safety is a skill everyone needs to know. When you’re hiking, ...

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How Many Layers Should I Wear In Cold Weather?

layering in cold weather

At least once a week I come across an article about layers. How many should I wear? What should they be made of? How many layers should I have for various activities? There is a lot written about layering because ...

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