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Kershaw Reverb: Review

kershaw reverb review

Here’s something that I’ve noticed over the past few years: I don’t usually need a large knife for most camp tasks. I’m usually cutting rope, carving a marshmallow stick, or opening a package of hotdogs. In all of these cases, ...

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Kershaw Link: Review

kershaw link review

When I head to the campsite, I inevitably find myself wondering which knife I should grab. Like a lot of folks that spend time in the outdoors, I have a drawer full of knives that I like for different reasons, ...

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How To Care for a Pocketknife

When it comes to knives, nearly all we ever hear about are new ways to sharpen them. You know what? However you decide to go about putting a shaving sharp edge on your everyday carry pocketknife is a good one. ...

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Gear of the Year Awards 2015: Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen Kit

The last thing you want to do before your next camping trip is go through your kitchen drawer trying to find knives, cutting boards, sharpeners, and other kitchen gear for your trip. Stop the madness! A this kitchen set to ...

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UST Brands Para FS Knives Overview

Overview: Here are the UST Brands Para FS Knives. The 3.0 version features a three inch with a three millimeter thick blade, very sturdy, very tough, very sharp right out of the bag. Each Para FS tool is wrapped in ...

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