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The Solo Stove Bonfire Might Be The Best Portable Fire Pit Ever

We awarded gear of the year to the original Solo Stove in 2014 because it was one of the most efficient, well designed pieces of gear to come across our desk at 50 Campfires. The secondary burn at the top of ...

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Kickstarter Outdoors: The NOZIPP Sleeping Bag, The Boncho And The Field Skillet

We love looking for new gear on Kickstarter. Here are three products that caught our eye this week.   The NOZIPP Sleeping Bag This thing is really cool. The NOZIPP sleeping bag uses magnets and a variable closing pattern to ...

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Joule : Caffeine Bracelet (!?)

I believe there are two types of coffee drinkers in the world: those who enjoy the daily ritual of drinking coffee, and those who drink it simply as a way to ingest caffeine. If you consider yourself the latter option, ...

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Mia Melon One Man Outerwear : Kickstarter Alert

One Man Outerwear

We know it’s summer and a weatherproof jacket may be far from your radar, but this is worth your time! Take a minute to consider Mia Melon and One Man outerwear, as they’re about to blow your mind with their ...

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We Love Thermo Tent’s Quieter Warmer Design

Tents aren’t just a way to keep rain off of your head. If you’re camping for a few days it becomes your home. It’s where you lay down and read, take a nap, or just lounge. So why wouldn’t you want it ...

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