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Hi-Tec Trail Ox Winter 200 I WP Boot Review

Living in the Upper-Midwest, I believe that I have a greater understanding of what “cold” really is. In fact, Minnesota boasts the sixth coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States at -60ºF. Yup, that cold. I was recently chatting ...

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Geared Up – Team Portland

Coast FL75R

We weren’t sure what to expect when we got to Portland, but we knew we had a trailer full of awesome gear from some of the best outdoor retailers we know. During our 7-day journey, we were tossed a few ...

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Hi-Tec V-Lite Altitude Pro Lite Hiking Boots: Review

Living the majority of my life at sea level, it’s a rare opportunity to field test gear at any sort of altitude. Recently, a handful of us from 50 Campfires took a 10 day adventure – spending time between Western ...

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Hi Tec Terra Lox Mid Hiking Boot

Overview: The Terra Lox Mid Hiking Boot is part of Hi Tec’s new American Rugged Collection with excellent traction and a nylon fork shank in the middle for tortial rigidity. It’s offers up a smooth ride with a suede and leather upper. It’s very ...

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Hi Tec Tera Trail Mid Hiking Boot

Overview: The Terra Trail Mid Hiking Boot from Hi Tec is a waterproof hiker with a great urban style to it. It’s got some awesome features and benefits. The out sole provides excellent traction and is world renowned with an EBA knit sole. ...

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Hi-Tec Sports EZ Shandels Overview

Hi-Tec EZ Shandels

OverviewHi-Tec is passionate about footwear. From lightweight hiking boots, to comfortable running shoes; casual shoes, all use the latest innovative technology. The new Hi-Tec Sports EZ Shandels are perfect for exploring the campsite, hitting the trail and even the water.

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