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Mountain Man Bourbon Porterhouse Steak

There can’t be much that is heartier to a hungry appetite than a giant hunk of meat. This recipe for a Mountain Main Bourbon Porterhouse Steak takes an enormous 2” thick steak and packs a punch of umami goodness with ...

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Start to Finish: 9 Rules For a World-Class Steak

selecting your cut of steak

All in good fun, the 50 Campfires team slings the insult “snob” at each other at least a couple times a day. Among the crew we have a wool snob, a whiskey snob, a knife snob, a sauna snob, and ...

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Reverse Sear Steak and Add Campfire Smokiness

A-Maze-N Tube Smoker Ups Your Steak Grilling Game Have you tried the reverse sear steak cooking method and adding campfire smokiness? If you haven’t, you’re in for a great treat. And it’s so easy to do! The A-Maze-N Tube Smoker comes into play ...

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3 Rules For Cooking The Perfect Steak

perfect steak

This is how much swagger a perfect steak has   If you follow these three rules you can get there every time. 1. Leave It Out For 30 Minutes Before Cooking You’re going to have a hard time getting it to cook evenly if ...

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