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Have You Considered Airbnb for Camping or Glamping?

A glamping option at Nevada's Sandy Valley Ranch is a specially built covered wagon.

In planning 50 Campfires’ Field Trip: Death Valley, we knew that at least part way through the trip, we’d want to find a place to get out of the omnipresent sand, dust, and wind for at least one night. We ...

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The Fontainebleau State Park Lodge: Review

Fontainebleau State Park has secret that I want to let you in on. There is a lodge there that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in 1937. It’s epic, sleeps 10, and you can stay there. The Fontainebleau State ...

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Mighty 5 Tour – A Glamper’s Dream?

You’ve probably already checked out some of our previous glamping pieces, including Camping Vs Glamping and 31 Stunning Glamping Pics, but now there’s a new glamping adventure we need to share with you. We weren’t sure if glamping could get ...

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Why Not Bring The Kitchen Sink?

deluxe camp sink

One thing I like about camping is playing in the dirt. In fact, if you don’t like dirt you’re probably not going like camping. That’s where everything happens. You’ve decided to live outdoors for a weekend (or longer) and it ...

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Camping Vs Glamping

What happens when two 50 Campfires contributors square off on topics and gear that matter in the camping world? Punches get thrown, voices get raised, cats and dogs living together, complete madness… Welcome to 50 Campfires Versus and camping vs ...

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2 Glamping Destinations For Ultimate Relaxation

Conestoga Ranch, Utah

What Exactly Is Glamping?? If you’re not already familiar with this new camping phenomenon, many refer to glamping as a combination of the words “camping and “glamorous.” So, basically it’s going camping with glamour. It’s just like regular camping, but ...

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The Outdoor Lifestyle Interview with Dawn Bitz

We had the absolute pleasure of corresponding with Dawn Bitz, the founder and president of Grasshaven Outdoor and a self described outdoor lifestyle media expert to pick her brain regarding camping. She is full of spunk and is “passionate about sharing outdoor entertaining, ...

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Race-Glamping Taking Event Camping to a Luxurious Level

Glamping, or glamorous camping, has spread like wildfire over the past decade. It seems fitting that a sport that has exploded during the same time period has recognized a growing trend among campers looking to experience the outdoors without sacrificing ...

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Barebones Safari Tent Overview

barebones safari tent

Overview The mission of Barebones is to inspire people to get outdoors. Barebones tries to efficiently and independently supply the “bare” necessities needed to live; food, water, shelter and power. Their tents are one-of-a-kind and gives you the experience of ...

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31 Stunning Glamping Pics

If you can’t go glamping, looking at glamping pics is a close second. The spaces assembled in the pictures below are simply stunning. Enjoy! Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source ...

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