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Be Prepared with the SOL Emergency Bivvy Bag

bivvy bag, SOL

Be prepared for the unknown with the Emergency Bivvy Bag from Survive Outdoors Longer. You may be a seasoned outdoorsman, but never know when you might get lost, hurt, or stuck in bad weather, and you need some emergency shelter. ...

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Recover Brands Clothing Line Review

In our opinion, you can never have enough t-shirts while camping or adventuring outdoors. Whether you’re on a day trip or a weeklong excursion, it’s important to have clothing that’s breathable and lightweight, and Recover Brands clothing meets the mark. As lovers ...

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Peak Design Capture P.O.V. Review

Peak Design Capture P.O.V. featured

The Peak Design Capture P.O.V. is a super solid mount option for action cameras or point-and-shoot cameras. You never know when you’re going to experience something amazing so be prepared with a camera to capture these moments. The problem with ...

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ECCO Cruise Sandal Review

Ecco Cruise Sandal review

Fed up with cheap, uncomfortable sandals? We at 50 Campfires are certainly advocates for high quality products that benefit those who enjoy the great outdoors. The ECCO Cruise sandal is such a pleasure to wear. After days of testing both ...

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Sealskinz Mid Weight Waterproof Socks Review

Sealskinz waterproof mid weight socks

Have you ever hiked or biked in the rain and find your shriveled foot soaked at the end of the day, thinking to yourself, “if only there was a better way to keep my foot dry.” Would you like that ...

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Mindshift Rotation 180 Trail Backpack Review

Mindshift Rotation180 Trail backpack

Mindshift has come up with a solution to the following problem. How do you access your backpack without taking it off? The solution is called the Mindshift Rotation 180 Trail backpack. What happens when you are hiking see a Bald Eagle flying by? ...

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