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Strangest, Most Delicious Foil Fish Pack You’ll Eat

The ingredients for this foil packet are not exotic, but you’ve probably not considered combining them. Shush! Don’t say anything until you pull it off the fire, open it up and try it! And remember, Spam is bacon’s first cousin!!! ...

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The Simplest Fish in Foil

This is a perfect on the spot shore lunch. If you remember to throw in an onion and the butter, you’re golden. No one would ever forget the beer, now would they? The Simplest Fish in Foil   Print Prep ...

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Foil Packet Fish With Peppers

Fresh fish doesn’t need much to flavor it. In fact, you don’t want anything to overpower the delicious fish. This easy foil packet recipe adds just enough “spice” to bring out the great flavors in all the simple ingredients. Foil ...

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Streamside Fish & Asparagus in Foil

When you hit the grocery store to pick up your snacks and beverages on the way to the river, make a swing through the produce aisle. Grab a lemon, a bunch of asparagus, and a head of garlic. They take ...

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