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Water Filter Buying Guide for Campers and Hikers

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Water, water everywhere you go, but not a drop to drink unless your packing a quality water filter. This is a vitally important piece of gear because you are literally trusting your health — perhaps even your life — to ...

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Little Luxury Portable Water Cooler Overview

Overview Little Luxury aims to bring luxury and innovative technology to water filtration and cooling systems. They’re the first of its kind to develop a patented mini water cooler that both filters tap water and cools the water efficiently. Their ...

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Renovo Trio Water Filter Overview

renovo trio water filter

Overview Portable water filter technology has not changed in the last 10 years, till now. The Trio utilizes three separate filtration technologies that eliminate/reduce more contaminants than any single similar filter. Every element in the Trio, including the packaging, is ...

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