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RESCUE! Mosquito Repellent GoClip and DecoShield Lantern: Review

The RESCUE! Mosquito Repellent GoClip – skeeters be gone! For many of us, the excitement of summer is almost immediately met with the frustration of dealing with tiny blood-sucking demons. We’re of course talking about everyone’s best friend, the mosquito. ...

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Quick Tip For Repelling Ticks

Let’s face it. Ticks are creepy. Nobody likes them. If you’re introducing someone new to the outdoors, a tick encounter can be a real turn off. And it’s important for health reasons to do all you can to repel ticks. ...

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DIY Bug Spray

I’ve loved camping since I was very young. Growing up, my family and I used to camp at a Minnesota state park that was just about 30 miles from the town in which I was raised. Though there was always ...

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