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Smoked Fish Spread With A Horseradish Bite


This smoked fish spread is sure to please! Most anywhere you go along the Lake Michigan Shores you’ll find fish shops and smokehouses. The famous one we stopped by in Algoma, Wisconsin is Bearcats Fish House. Among the dozens and ...

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Walking Cheezit Cheddar Pie Dessert

Here’s a simple recipe for Walking Cheezit Cheddar Pie Dessert. Few things compliment apple pie like a slice of aged cheddar cheese. This recipe is, indeed, a shortcut, but it works! Whether to leave the peel on the apple is up ...

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Walking Maple Cinnamon Ritz Dessert

There’s something that just works about salty crackers and maple syrup. This walking dessert is really easy to put together, and the Ritz crackers could easily be swapped out for the various flavors of Ritz sandwich cracker flavors. This campsite ...

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