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How To Add A Cooler Seal

Because inexpensive coolers seldom have rubber seals between the top edge and the lid, you might want to add a cooler seal. You can make one for next to nothing with some foamy double stick mounting tape. Use the super ...

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How To Make A Grippy Bottom Cooler

When you throw a normal cooler into the bed of a pickup truck or on the wet deck of a boat, it slides all over the place. It gets banged up and wrecks stuff around it. Heaven forbid, you should ...

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The expensive rotomolded coolers offer accessories like built-in bottle openers. Is that worth paying for? We simply zip tie an old-fashioned church key to the cooler’s handle. Total cost: a buck — MAX. Always having a bottle-opener at the ready: ...

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Great Cooler Hack For Longer Ice Retention

This cooler hack guarantees longer lasting ice. The best thing you can do to preserve ice and keep everything colder is put an added layer of insulation at the top, and this cooler hack does just that. A couple of ...

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