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COAST FL85 Headlamp: Review

I view a quality headlamp as a 100% MUST for my camp box. My rationale is simple: I usually get a few weekends a summer devoted entirely to camping and I want to maximize my time. If I were to ...

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COAST Polysteel 400 Flashlight Review

COAST Polysteel 600 Flashlight

The COAST Polysteel 400 flashlight exemplifies a flashlight for the person who needs rugged gear. This flashlight was made for extreme durability, all fitting in a ridiculously lightweight casing – you’ll barely know it’s in your hand. Not only is ...

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Coast Products HL27 Headlamp Review

coast products hl27 headlamp

If you don’t use a headlamp when you’re camping or hiking at dust. You really need to change that. The ability to go hands free is vital when getting around an unknown area. Coast Products has been a leader in ...

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Coast Products HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight Overview

Coast Products HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight

Overview: Coast Products makes everything from flashlights to multi tools and has incorporated some of the newest technology to make their products stand out. The Coast Products HP7R Rechargeable Flashlight is no different, with a beam distance of up to ...

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COAST LED Rechargeable Flashlight Is Perfect For Every Camper

LED Rechargeable Flashlight

We’ve all been out camping for the weekend and our 48 hour stay out lives the battery life of our flashlight. It becomes a huge pain to find your way around a campsite or to the restroom in complete darkness. ...

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