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The Definitive Guide To Picaridin vs DEET

We’ve all grown up using DEET. You’d be hard pressed to find a camp box that that doesn’t have at least one can of OFF. In fact, it’s more likely that you find two or three: regular OFF, family OFF ...

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Quick Tip For Repelling Ticks

Let’s face it. Ticks are creepy. Nobody likes them. If you’re introducing someone new to the outdoors, a tick encounter can be a real turn off. And it’s important for health reasons to do all you can to repel ticks. ...

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50 Campfires 2013 Gear Of The Year – Wear

Clothing, shoes and accessories are very important to your overall camping experience. Take it from Jessica Simpson, camping with high heels isn’t very much fun. The editors here at 50 Campfires also know a thing or two about being stuck ...

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