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The Chico Bag Sling Repete Is A Fantastic Eco Friendly Bag

chico bag sling repete

We should all be a little concerned about our environment, what we do to it and how we take care of it. Doing your part can be as simple as recycling. Chico Bag will then take those recycled bottles you’ve ...

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The Chico Bag Bottle Sling Easily Holds Your Water Bottle

chico bottle sling

It isn’t always necessary to carry a backpack when you head out for a hike. If you don’t need to pack lunch or extra clothing you may want to go without. But you will want to bring your water bottle ...

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The Chico Bag Travel Pack Repete Folds In To A Backpack

chico bag travel pack repete

Sometimes you come across something and it makes you stop and say “wow that is an awesome idea”, well that happened for us when we saw the Chico Bag Travel Pack Repete. It is a backpack that can fold in ...

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The Chico Bag Nomad Tote Is Large And Unique

chico bag nomad tote

The Chico Bag Nomad Tote is a great bag, that will easily haul all the stuff you “needed” to bring camping. It is also cute which is an added bonus! This all purpose bag has a lot of pockets and ...

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