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Pocketknives For Everyday


Once you own a pocketknife and start carrying it with you everyday, it becomes another piece of your everyday wardrobe. Never again will you leave home without it. Having a knife in your pocket lets you handle cutting tasks conveniently, ...

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Gear of the Year : Case Hobo Knife

Case Hobo Knife

2014 Gear Of The Year: Case Hobo Knife It is well known that Case makes great knives and pocketknives. When people see you walking around sporting a Case knife shell, they are already going to be jealous. You have already ...

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Case Knives Sawcut Mid Folding Hunter Review

Case Knives Mid Folding Hunter

We’ve seen a lot of Case Knives here at 50 Campfires and are always impressed with them. Let’s take a closer look at the Sawcut Mid Folding Hunter. Appearance: The Mid Folding Hunter is a very classic pocket knife that will ...

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Case Knives Hobo Knife Review

case knives hobo knife

If you’re looking for an all-in-one eating and utility tool for camping, the Case Knives Hobo Knife will be right up your alley. The Hobo Knife is functional, stylish and fun to use for all campers or hiking enthusiasts. Appearance: ...

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Case Knives Trapper Review

case knives trapper

The Case Knives Trapper Knife is old school and one of the oldest in the Case collection. Being 125 years old, Case has made their fair share of knives, but the Trapper has stood the test of time. After using ...

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Case Knives Hunter Lockback

Case knives hunter lockback

Sometimes you want a knife small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to get the job done. Case knives made the Hunter LockBack for that purpose. The Case Knives Hunter Lockback features a zytel synthetic grip-able handle. ...

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Case Knives Hunter Fillet Knife Review

case fillet knife

I’ve been fishing several times where I caught a keeper and had to make due with a Leatherman to get the fillets on the grill. My fillet knife was in my other tackle box at home (yes I’m an idiot). ...

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The Case Knives Sod Buster Is A Go To Knife

case knives sod buster

Usually, when we head out camping, we want to have a knife for us for all the little things that come up when outdoors. From shaving kindling to cutting a piece of rope to hang the clothesline, a quality knife ...

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Case Knives Folding Hunter Knife

case knives folding hunter knife

If you are a collector and are in to knives, chances are you collect Case Knives. Nothing really compares to the craftsmanship of a Case Knife. We have used many of the Case Knives over the years for camping, fishing, ...

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Case Knives Sowbelly Knife

Case Knives Sowbelly Knife

If you’re a collector, Case Knives Sowbelly Knife is what you are looking for. These knives are perfect to pass down generation to generation. This knife not only looks great, but lives up to the Case Knives reputation of making ...

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