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Don’t Lose Your Best Friend While You’re Camping

an outdoors golden retriever in the sunshine rolling in the clover

More and more camping outings include the family dog. 50 Campfires thinks that’s great. A well-behaved dog adds a lot to any time outdoors. However, it also increases the odds of dogs being separated from their owners. If that happens, ...

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8 Great Gifts For People Who Spoil Their Pets Rotten

Camping dog enjoying a great road trip; tongue swinging in the wind

When it comes to their pets, some people will not settle for anything but the best. They’ll be thrilled when the items on your holiday buying list include gifts for them that are really gifts for their pets. If they ...

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Complete Safety Guide for Camping With Dogs

Three shots together of dog and owner snuggled in a hammock on a camping trip.

How to Prepare, What to Pack, and Campsite Safety for a Fun Outdoor Adventure with Your Dog At Redfin, we know that sometimes your home away from home is a tent hidden in the woods. And it wouldn’t feel like ...

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8 Tips for Managing Fall Dog Allergies

8 Tips for Managing Fall Dog Allergies

Just like their owners, dogs can show allergic symptoms when their immune systems begin to recognize certain everyday substances and allergens as dangerous. Fall dog allergies become problematic when your dog inhales or ingests allergens, or even when they come in contact with your ...

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Nite Ize Doohickey Pet Tool: Review

Doohickey Pet Tool

There’s nothing better than taking your dog out for a nice summer jog, but then you remember that along with the hopefully beautiful weather comes the ticks and other creepy crawlies trying to latch onto your best friend. Of course, ...

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Camping With Canines 101

Camping With dogs

Making sure you and your dog enjoy every minute of your camping trips together. Preparation for a camping trip is key to its success; even more so when you’re planning to go camping with canines. Dogs are normally low maintenance ...

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Use Bungee Cord For Your Dog Zip Line

dog zip line

Some campgrounds require dogs to be leashed. In a new environment like that there is even more to explore than at home, so they can be running every which way at once. That’s why we like the dog zip line that Reddit ...

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How To Make A Water Bowl For Your Dog

make a water bowl for your dog

If you are a dog owner, you know they very quickly become a part of the family. This means when you go camping, your four-legged friend is jumping in as well. We have done some tips on the Tips for ...

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Camping Leo Carrillo State Park in California

Leo Carrillo State Park was actually named after an actor, conservationist, and preservationist named Leo Carrillo. It is a beautiful park for anyone who is looking to get away from the world and relax for a while. Camping at Leo ...

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6 Tips For Camping With Dogs

tips for camping with dogs

Most dogs are treated as part of the family, so naturally, camping with dogs is something you probably want to do. It fits to take them camping with you. But just like kids, some preparation has to go into being ...

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