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Pack Your Tent Perfectly Every Time

how to pack your tent

You’re right, it does seem like common sense… However, I’ve been camping my whole life and just learned this from a coworker last week. Here’s the short conversation that made me feel like an idiot: Me: Why are you rolling it ...

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Top Ten Camping Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Weekend

top ten camping mistakes

You’ve had the date set for five months – don’t sabotage your weekend with one of these top ten camping mistakes! Wanna take forty minutes setting up your tent? It’s easy to do if you don’t know how it works. ...

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Submit Your Camping Tips and Tricks

If you are an avid camper with a camping background of many years or if you are just getting started in the wonderful world of camping, you are definitely in luck with us here at 50 Campfires. At 50 Campfires, ...

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Seven quick and simple camping hacks…

Photo courtesy of Household Hacker

It seems that everyone is coming up with easier or better ways to get out into the woods and enjoy nature. Heck, even we do it! We recently came across this set of camping hacks & tips from the folks ...

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10 Brilliant Camping Tips From Reddit Users

brilliant camping tips

I came across this great thread on Reddit the other day about camping tips and tricks and found a lot of great advice. I put together some of the most brilliant camping tips here. Hope you find them to be ...

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Here’s A Low Tech Way To Communicate At The Campsite

When camping it is easy to forget all of the things we take for granted at our home. Something as simple as a note or way to communicate through a quick message can be difficult at your campsite. The same ...

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