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Camping Brown’s Lake in Iowa

Camp Iowa: We are with Brian from the Woodbury County Conservation talking about Browns Lake. How long has that park been around? Brian: Since the 1960s I believe. Camp Iowa: What are some of the most popular activities that are ...

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Camping Lake Red Rock in Iowa

Camp Iowa: I’m talking with Tracy Sprite today, she is a park ranger for Lake Red Rock and there are quite a few camp grounds over there, Tracy, how many do you guys have? Tracy: Well the camp engineers who ...

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Walking Stick Adventures Camping

Walking Stick Adventures Interview Camp Iowa: We’re talking today with Maria. She is the Owner at Walking Stick Adventures, down in Iowa. It’s kind of a unique place. It’s a 10-acre farm, and they have camping there, and all sorts ...

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Camping Ledges State Park in Iowa

Ledges State Park- a legacy of human history The most striking feature of this park is that the human history seems to be co existing with flora and fauna. Humans have occupied the park area for several thousands of years. ...

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Camping Bellevue State Park in Iowa

A View Of The Bellevue State Park Among the numerous beautiful parks that embellish Iowa, Bellevue State Park is stands apart. Let’s start with a camping trip there. Camping in Bellevue State Park Out of the two units of Bellevue ...

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Camping Guthrie County in Iowa

Camp-Iowa.com had the opportunity to speak with Joe Hanner, who is the Director of the Guthrie County Conservation Board. We asked about the amenities that his parks offer, as well as where he’d spend a single night in the county. ...

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