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Minus33 Kids Lily Crew Top

This year Minus33 has added kids’ tops and bottoms. It’s a big addition for Minus33. This product in our 230-gram midweight fabric. It is the Minus33 Kids Lily Crew Top, complete with thumb holes. This will suit any child between 4 and 12 ...

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Minus33 Midweight Isolation Quarter Zip

This is the Minus33 Midweight Isolation Quarter Zip for men. This is my go-to piece for most of the year. It is a 230-gram Midway fabric, complete with zipper garage, full-zip. I personally like to use this for snowshoeing and mountain ...

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Craghoppers Womens Madigan 3 in 1 Jacket

Craghoppers Women's Madigan 3-in-1 Jacket

Overview: Craghoppers has brought you a unique piece in their 2015 range called the Madigan 3 in 1 Interactive Jacket. The MSRP on it is $180 and for that price you get 3 jackets in 1. The shell on the outside is ...

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ECCO Cruise Sandal Review

Ecco Cruise Sandal review

Fed up with cheap, uncomfortable sandals? We at 50 Campfires are certainly advocates for high quality products that benefit those who enjoy the great outdoors. The ECCO Cruise sandal is such a pleasure to wear. After days of testing both ...

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Sealskinz Mid Weight Waterproof Socks Review

Sealskinz waterproof mid weight socks

Have you ever hiked or biked in the rain and find your shriveled foot soaked at the end of the day, thinking to yourself, “if only there was a better way to keep my foot dry.” Would you like that ...

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United By Blue Drummond Wool Vest Overview

Overview: Here we have the United By Blue Drummond Wool Vest for Fall 2015. This is a wool shell with a down filling and an organic cotton chambray lining. This vest really has a great look at feel. It hangs ...

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Tuffo Kids Rain Gear Overview

Overview: In addition to Tuffo’s line of head-to-toe full-body rain suits, they also have a Tuffo Kids Rain Gear and jacket for all the kids, from ages six through twelve. They come in two colors, red and blue, and three ...

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Slix Thermal Underwear Set Overview

Overview: The Slix Thermal Underwear Set will be offered for Fall 2015. Slix took the closer-fitting boxer brief, same fit, same form and functions featured in Slix Boxer, and extended that down to the ankle. Slix then paired that up ...

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Slix Closer Boxer Brief Overview

Overview: Slix was started a few years ago as performance underwear for men who wanted something a little more classic, a little less constricting with some form and function to it. The Slix Closer Boxer Brief is constructed of frictionless ...

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Sport Suds Odor Eliminating Laundry Detergent Overview

Overview: Sport Suds Odor Eliminating Laundry Detergent is a non-residue detergent featuring an odor removal system. The problem with sporting fabrics is that they often capture odors that you just can’t get out. Conventional detergents are known as residue detergents, ...

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