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Rumpl Blankets: Overview

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Do you ever find yourself wondering, while camping out under the stars, why your blankets at home can’t be as warm and comfortable as your sleeping bag? The guys from Rumpl did, and that’s exactly how they came up with ...

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Rumpl Technical Blankets Overview

Overview: Rumpl Technical Blankets were launched about a year ago on Kickstarter and since then they have been working to turn it from a Kickstarter actually into like a real growing company of new products. Rumpl has developed several new ...

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The LightSpeed Outdoor Blanket Is Amazing

LightSpeed Outdoor Blanket

Mom’s are going to love this LightSpeed Outdoor Blanket, it is easy to fold and carry. The Outdoor blanket is perfect for camping, laying out at the beach or having a picnic. The blanket insulates you from wet or cold ...

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The eno Launch Pad Is The Best Picnic Blanket Ever

eno launch pad

The eno Launch Pad is one of those products that is great for a lot of different activities. It’s basically the best picnic blanket ever. It’s a blanket with a fleece top and polyurethane coated nylon bottom. So you have ...

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