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The 3 Pronged Approach To Ending Smelly Shoes Forever

smelly shoes

Smelly shoes are so common that you might just accept it as a fact of life. “Feet sweat, so my shoes are going to smell. Nothing I can do about it.” I know the feeling. I’ve had mini funerals for ...

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3 Ways To Lace Boots To Relieve Foot Pain On The Trail

Yes, you can lace boots to relieve foot pain. When you prepare to go hiking, your first thoughts should be to prevent blisters and injuries to your feet. Selecting proper hiking socks is one of the most important ways to ...

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Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoes Review

Altra Olympus 2 Trail Shoes Review image

If you were going to build a pair of shoes, but didn’t really “know” anything about it, what would be your first step? I think I would probably put a heavy piece of paper down on the ground and use ...

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The Best Camping Gear for Dogs

Camping With dogs

Taking your furry four-legged friend camping means more than tossing an extra blanket in the car. Take our word for it, we’ve learned from experience. Here at the 50 Campfires base camp, our dogs get more excited about camping than we ...

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Icebug Traction Shoes Metro

Overview: Being from Sweden Icebug knows a lot about what winter can throw at you. This is why we have this ribbed soles with 18 dynamic carbide tips that are permanently mounted in the sole. What does this mean? This means you ...

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Bogs Footwear Sidney Lace Boot Overview

Sidney Lace Boot

Overview: This is the Sidney Lace. It has that combat boot feel to it. It’s great for transitioning between indoor and outdoor. You have the patented Bog technology with the rebound and cushion so your foot is going to be ...

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Bogs Footwear Summit Series Overview

Overview: This is a new pattern from a current style we have out is the Summit Series. It’s fantastic for travel and really lightweight. You can actually roll it up and toss it in your suitcase, so it’s perfectly packable ...

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