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Brunton Lightwave Camp Rocker Review

It really doesn’t seem that long ago. I can remember arriving at a group camping outing late in the evening one night – to find that the entire campsite was being illuminated by old-fashioned propane lanterns. The glow of the ...

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Dreamwave Audio Tremor Speaker Review

After sharing my thoughts on numerous Bluetooth speakers designed for the outdoors, I can confidently tell you that I believe there are two distinct groups of people: Those who do think speakers belong at a campsite, and those who don’t ...

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EcoXGear EcoPebble Powerbank and Speaker Review

I’ll admit it. I’m a reformed audio purist. When I was in my mid-20’s, I was on a never ending quest for the perfect sound. I had pre-amps for my pre-amps, limiters for my amplifiers and headphones that were tuned ...

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Braven BRV Pro Accessories Overview

Braven BRV Pro Accessories

Overview: These are the Braven BRV Pro Accessories and what’s great about the BRV Pro is there will be 6 additional accessories sold separately for customization and to help you get the most out of your music experience. They will ...

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Braven BRV Pro Folding Solar Panel Overview

Braven BRV Pro Folding Solar Panel

Overview: This is the BRV Pro Folding Solar Panel for endless music around the campfire. Some of the best features of this panel are the portability and waterproof integrated into the design. This really is a go anywhere, do anything ...

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Braven BRV Pro Overview

Overview: This awesome bluetooth speaker is the Braven BRV Pro. It’s the first Pro Series speaker from Braven. It’s in the same family as their BRV 1 and BRV-X speakers. It’s IPX 7 waterproof, it’s super rugged and very durable. ...

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180s Bluetooth Headphone Ear Muffs

These are the 3rd generation of the 180s Bluetooth headphones. They have several different iterations. A soft shell version, a woman’s stitched, but the main thing is it keeps you connected at all times, warm and connected. They’re behind the ...

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Summer Hiking Expedition : Gear

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your hiking boots on to take a gander outdoors. We have our list of essentials to bring on an up-coming expedition to make the trip great. What’s on your essential list? ...

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Scosche Boom Bottle Plus Overview

Overview: Scosche is a consumer electronic accessory brand and makes accessories for anything and everything, including Bluetooth speakers, mounts, cables, backup batteries. You can find their products at Scosche.com but this is the new Scosche Boom Bottle Plus. It’s a ...

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Scosche boomBOTTLE Review

I love music. My wife loves music. My kids will honestly stop and dance to anything with a beat. Our home has speakers in every room – including the bathroom. To say that we’re passionate about the soundtracks to our ...

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