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MoraKniv 511 and 546

Two more knives we’d like to show you new for 2015 in the line, are the MoraKniv 511 and 546, Mora’s price point knives. And that would be the red-handled 511, which is a carbon-based blade. And then the basic ...

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MoraKniv Companion Series

This is the most popular series, the MoraKniv Companion Series. Up here you can see the first seven knives are all of the Companion Series. These knives retail only at $19.99. They have a rubber over-molded grip and a stainless-steel blade. For ...

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MoraKniv Pro C Series

Industrial Revolution is the official distributor for MoraKnivs Pro Series in United States and Canada. And new for 2015 we have a few new knives here that we’d like to show you. First in Mora’s 2015 launch, is the Pro C, which ...

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Case Knives Hobo Knife Review

case knives hobo knife

If you’re looking for an all-in-one eating and utility tool for camping, the Case Knives Hobo Knife will be right up your alley. The Hobo Knife is functional, stylish and fun to use for all campers or hiking enthusiasts. Appearance: ...

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