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Dark Energy Poseidon – The Ultimate Outdoor Charger

Admit it: You’ve been standing in line at your local superstore, and have been tempted to buy one of those semi-disposable portable battery chargers for your next camping trip. Heck, maybe you thought to yourself “why not buy two – ...

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Goal Zero Flip 10 & Flip 20 Flip Chargers

Overview: Both terrific flip chargers, the Flip 10 comes in a bunch of different pretty awesome colors. It’s meant to keep your small handheld USB devices charged, whether it’s a head lamp, Go Pro camera, or maybe even your cell phone. They’re ...

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The PowerTrekk Charger Uses A Fuel Cell To Charge Your Phone

powertrekk charger

There’s been explosion in portable charging units lately from just battery packs to solar units of varying sizes. The MyFC PowerTrekk Charger is different though. It’s build around the concept of a hydrogen fuel cell. Simply add about a tablespoon of ...

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