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Summer Hiking Expedition : Gear

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get your hiking boots on to take a gander outdoors. We have our list of essentials to bring on an up-coming expedition to make the trip great. What’s on your essential list? ...

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Mindshift Rotation 180 Trail Backpack Review

Mindshift Rotation180 Trail backpack

Mindshift has come up with a solution to the following problem. How do you access your backpack without taking it off? The solution is called the Mindshift Rotation 180 Trail backpack. What happens when you are hiking see a Bald Eagle flying by? ...

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Outdoor Products : Freefall Hydration Pack Review

When I brought the Outdoor Products Freefall Hydration Pack home to test, my wife asked “What’s up with that cute little pack?” She’s right – it is a “cute” pack, but cuteness quickly disappeared when I dug into just how ...

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Eddie Bauer First Ascent Bacon Pack : Review

Eddie Bauer Bacon Pack

Update: Since this writing Eddie Bauer has upgraded to the Bacon 2.0 Pack, which is even better. The Eddie Bauer First Ascent Bacon Pack is a well made pack with an abundance of pockets and loops for clipping items to. ...

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