t-reign retractable gear tethers

T-Reign Retractable Gear Tethers

If you’re out hiking in rough terrain or camping in the backcountry the chance of losing a piece of gear is real. And Scary. It is critical to keep all of the gear you brought as it all serves a purpose on your journey. The T-Reign Retractable Gear Tethers are perfect for keeping your important gear safe and connected to you. Your most important tools will stay safely by your side as the T-Reign tethers have a universal gear attachment.

The T-Reign retractable gear tethers come in many different sizes to fit the piece of gear you are needing to tether. They are made durable with a waterproof polycarbonate case, and a Kevlar cord extension. These tethers are so handy are a great way to keep all your important gear safe.

Price: $15.95-$24.95