t-reign proholster two-way radio

T-Reign ProHolster Two-Way Radio Holster

The T-Reign ProHolster is an open-top case with a tether to easily hold your two-way radio, GPS or small camera. The ProHolster will protect your radio while keeping it attached and easily accessible. It is great when hiking and navigating rough terrain where there is a chance it may fall. The tether cord has a good stretch to it, allowing one handed operation of a two-way radio or other device.

Price: $32.95

  • Rugged, 36″ Kevlar tether is strong and durable, preventing drops or loss of gear
  • Patent-pending hook and latch closure system allows quiet, one-handed access to gear
  • Constructed with rugged 600 denier nylon
  • Small: 2” wide x 1.1” deep
  • Medium: 2.3” wide x 1.3” deep