swiss army tinker knife with paracord

Swiss Army Tinker Knife with Paracord

The Swiss Army Tinker knife with paracord is a great combination for outdoor adventurers. Paracord is a fashion accessory, a clothesline, a tow rope, spare shoelaces, extra thread, rope for a pulley system and many other uses. Paracord is essential when outdoors camping and is a perfect combination for the Tinker Swiss Army knife. Tinker Victorinox Swiss Army Knife comes with 12 tools and the paracord which can be unraveled to provide approximately 9 feet of tough nylon cord, capable of supporting up to 550 pounds. The paracord is made from mil-spec 550 cord and the silver-colored clasp is engraved with the Cross & Shield logo.

Price: $38.00

Elements included in the knife:

  • small blade
  • tweezers
  • can opener with small screwdriver
  • reamer
  • large screwdriver
  • large blade
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • key ring
  • bottle opener
  • toothpick
  • wire stripper