Stower Candle Charger

Overview: This is the Stower Candle Charger,  a dedicated charger for phones. You take the Sterno or any type of candle that’s a quick light always available and you take the wick off and light it. As you see, this one is actually lit right here and then there’s the water above it which is the way it’s creating a current is from the difference in temperature. Underneath it’s very hot obviously and the water above is very cool and that temperature difference creates a current in the circuit.

The candle will last for 6 hours which will charge 2 IPhones. And also in certain circumstances, in emergency circumstances it’s great because it also does provide light and it even boils the water and so if you needed water to purify water you could do that.

Manufacturer: Stower
Product Name: Stower Candle Charger