Stocking Up At The Orlando Bass Pro Shops Was The Right Move

50 Campfires Field Trips are all about new adventures that we’ve never experienced, and that usually involves gear that we don’t own. On this particular trip to Florida’s Nature Coast, we were going to be crabbing, shark fishing, and swimming with manatees. This meant that we needed to pick up a few things, and if there is a Bass Pro Shops in the area it’s the first place we’re hitting.

What do we like about Bass Pro Shops? First and foremost, every single one we’ve been to is full of knowledgeable, true outdoorsman. Every guy we’ve ever talked to in the fishing department seems like he could have his own fishing show. They always know the area like the back of their hand and know exactly what we need. Beyond the expertise and great selection of gear, they’re just cool places to hang out. It’s pretty much like shopping in a wildlife museum. You can usually get a bite to eat as well, making it a true one-stop shop. The Orlando Bass Pro Shops has a little stand outside that serves grilled burgers you can smell a half mile away (pretty sure this is intentional) and they’re delicious. Whatever the weekend involves, you’ll be able to fuel up and outfit your party with everything you need at the Orlando Bass Pro Shops.