Steve’s PaleoGoods Healthy Snacks Overview

Overview: Steve’s PaleoGoods has a full line of dried fruit, beef jerky, chicken jerky, Paleo bar, grainless granola Paleo crunch. The beef jerky has zero nitrates and no MSG. It’s a clean beef jerky that also tastes good, very important. They also have chicken jerky as well and are one of the few companies that make the chicken jerky. All of their products are clean, not processed, everything you can pronounce in the ingredient list.

Steve’s Club is a non-profit to bring fitness and nutrition to inner city kids. Steve started it in Camden, New Jersey, and came out with a food product. Their first product was a Paleo kit. They came out with a food product to help kids eat on the go, to have some food options during the day instead of school lunch. And then Steve’s PaleoGoods launched it on the Internet to help raise money for their non-profit. From there Steve’s Paleo Goods came into existence. And since then they’ve grown very rapidly into retail stores, online, gyms all over the country, a lot of independent stores. Their goal is to continue to help people eat better on the go and to live healthy lifestyles. Check out their website here.

Manufacturer: Steve’s PaleoGoods
Product Name: Healthy Snacks

Steve’s PaleoGoods Healthy Snacks


Steve’s PaleoGoods Healthy Snacks