Stay Warm All Winter In Steger Mukluks

When you first see these on someones feet, you may think they just walked out of a different century, but with that traditional appearance comes a fantastically warm boot called Steger Mukluks. The Steger Mukluks Traditional tall boots are made out of a moose hide bottom with a canvas top. What makes these boots different is its lightweight with extremely flexible soles. It is almost as if you are walking barefoot.

steger mukluks

These Steger Mukluks 100% wool lining on the inside of the boot

What makes these boots so warm is the 100% wool lining on the inside of the boot. The main reason why they are so warm is because they are so breathable and flexible. The flexibility keeps your foot mobile and able to continue to receive blood flow, unlike when you are walking around on an extremely thick sole. Although it doesn’t look like they have much tread, with the flexibility of your foot, we have never had any issues on ice or in snowy conditions.

steger mukluks

Steger Mukluks are made for cold temperatures with a rating down to -20 degrees

There are a few things that Steger Mukluks are not great for such as wearing in warmer temperatures or wearing in wet or sloppy conditions. The Mukluks are not waterproof so if you are wearing them out in sloppy conditions, it will take a while to get to your foot, but they will be wet.

These boots truly are made for cold temperatures with a rating down to -20 degrees. We have had them out in that temperature and have never had cold feet.

Price: $170