15 Photos That Prove Stacking Wood Is An Art Form

If you camped a lot or had a wood burning stove or fireplace you understand that finding and stacking firewood is a job. A tough job. One wrong move and the whole stack of wood that you’ve worked hours on creating will come tumbling down. Through the years you learn the best ways to stack wood solidly and efficiently to create the least amount of work. The same goes for camping, usually you just hurry up and find the most amount of kindling possible so you can move on to doing other fun things.

Most of us would never spend the time crafting and building up a pile of wood to be used in a useful or artistic way. We just pile it up so we can grab a few chunks and start a fire. We’d love to see these builders in a competition of who can build the most unreal wood pile. That would certainly be a site to see, maybe they can just build an entire wood city?

Unlike the rest of us, the people who created these photos below, well they take stacking wood to a whole new level. An artistic, mind blowing level. From creating murals to houses these wood piles are all unique and truly amazing.

1. The Wood Mural

stacking wood

The Wood Mural

2. The Stacking Wood Arch

stacking wood

The Stacking Wood Arch

3. The Wooden Tree Artwork

wood stacking

The Wooden Tree Artwork

4. The Wood Cubbies

stacking wood

The Wood Cubbies

5. The Wood Houses

stacking wood

The Wood Houses

6. The Wood Silos

stacking wood

The Wood Silos

7. The Wood Storage Container

wood stacking

The Wood Storage Container

8. The Snow Covered Wood Silos

stacking wood

The Snow Covered Wood Silos

9. The Intricate Wood Storage Containers

wood stacking

The Intricate Wood Storage Containers

10. The Wood Tower

stacking wood

The Wood Tower

11. The Wood Skyscraper

stacking wood

The Wood Skyscraper

12. The Wood Garage

stacking wood

The Wood Garage

13. The Wood Cabin

stacking wood

The Wood Cabin

14. The Wood Maze

stacking wood

The Wood Maze