Sponsored Content Disclosure

So…you have questions about the “Sponsored” button?


What does it mean?

Well, we have to keep the lights on just like everyone else, so sometimes we create paid content for brands. It could be a product review on our website, a Facebook post, or a tweet. It’s actually a great arrangement because it keeps 50 Campfires completely free for you. Our goal is to keep creating great, free content for you for many moons to come.

How much of your content is sponsored?

Less than 5% of the content on our website is paid for. The other 95% are things that we just thought were really cool, or informative. We wrote about hypothermia because we think you need to know that. We wrote about the Zika virus because it was important to get that information out to our readers. Then, from time to time we’ll receive compensation from a brand to write about a product so we can pay everyone and keep doing what we do.

How do we know what’s real?

Sometimes we get products in the mail that we just can’t get behind, and we mail them back. We don’t think it’s helpful to tell you which products are crappy, and would rather tell you which ones we’re using that we actually like. Even in paid product reviews, our opinions are our own, and if we don’t like a certain feature, we’ll tell you. No product is 100% perfect, and that’s why we usually talk about who we think a product is for. Every product has an audience. Clint likes plenty of products that Nick thinks are silly, and vice versa. At the end of the day, our goal is to showcase products that we think most people will like.

Sometimes the links take me to Amazon. Do you get paid for that?

We do, although it is a very small percentage of the sale (like 2%). While it’s not much, we do appreciate if you purchase via the links on our website. Once again, it’s what helps us keep our content free for everyone.

Is all of this set in stone?

We wish! That would make our day-to-day much easier. The reality is that FTC regulations change all the time, so we’ll be updating this page on an ongoing basis to make sure both you and the FTC stay informed.

Why is there a picture of a dog?

Because we met him at a campground in Tennessee and he’s awesome. We were BFFs immediately.