SnowLizard SLPower 7

It is unfortunate that we can’t completely unplug while camping, but that is life. We need to keep our phones charged during the time we spend away outdoors. SnowLizard SLPower 7 offers a way to keep your phone charged with ease.

SnowLizard SLPower 7

SnowLizard SLPower 7 charger

The SnowLizard SLPower 7 charger is designed for the customer on the go. This low profile charger has not one but two USB ports and just slightly larger than an iPhone it easily slips in your pocket. With 7000mAH of power it can charge 2 tablets or smart phones at the same time or one iPhone 3 times! Easy button on the front to show how much juice is left on the charger.

Price: $69.99

See SnowLizard SLPower 7 in Action


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