snow lizard portable chargers

Snow Lizard Portable Chargers

The Snow Lizard portable chargers are great for anyone on the go that needs to have the ability to power their life. They offer a variety of chargers for all of your needs. They have kept their portable chargers reasonably priced to make it easy for people to keep charged while camping, hiking or on the go.

SL Power 2.4

The SL Power 2.4 is a handy little charger that will slip right in to your pocket and is perfect for hiking, camping and traveling. The SL 2.4 has one USB output and enough juice to fully charge a smartphone or camera one time.

Price: $29.99

SL Power 7

The SL Power 7 is a compact charger around the size of a smartphone, and fits easily in a pocket. This is a small device with big power. Equipped with 7,000 mAh this device has two USB outputs and the ability to charge two tablets at one time or two smartphones. If you were just using it on your iPhone this charger would be able to fully charge it 3 times!

Price: $59.99

SL Power 11

The SL Power 11, is the largest Snow Lizard portable charger and is similar in many ways to the SL Power 7 with two USB outputs. For packing so much power the SL Power 11 is still sleek and can fit easily in a pocket. The difference that this charger possess is power. It comes equipped with a 11,000 mAh battery and will completely charge an iPhone 7 times. It can also charge 2 iPads at the same time or 2 smart phones.

Price: $79.99