Slix Tops Collection Overview

Overview: Slix recently launched their signature Slix Tops Collection, which consists of a short-sleeve crew neck as well as a short-sleeve v-neck. The unique thing about Slix tops is this: They engineered the tail of these garments so that the tail stays tucked. The tail is three or four inches longer than you would see in a typical undershirt, and it’s tapered. So the result of that is that the garment is going to fall perfectly around the waist, and the taper is going to cause it to hug just below the hips. So as you wear it during the day and you’re moving around, your undershirt is not riding up under your clothes.

That has turned out to be a wonderful feature of this product that many customers like. Slix offers this in black, grey, and classic white. One of the issues that men find with wearing a v-neck under a white dress shirt is that the t-shirt shows. But when you wear grey it doesn’t show. The color of the garment blends in with the color of the shadow created by your shirt and it basically makes the garment invisible. For more information about Slix products and to view their entire product line, head over to their website.

Manufacturer: Slix
Product Name: Tops Collection

Slix Tops Collection


Slix Tops Collection